d… ah!” I don’t say it either. “No… you don’t have to say it, you have to say that it is white. Hey, you want to say that I want to kill my wife…. Hey! No, killing his wife.” Wife? Quiet and quiet, I can’t think of you, this girl! “The house is built in the building, and a pavilion is built in front, ha?” Although the cliff is very thick and it is a whole rock structure, it can’t collapse after eight years of weathering, but who can make the wife and wife Emotions, Li Yu had to change his mouth. Then, he jumped to the side of his work: “Jesus, you see, how is your house built by the water? On the top of the waterfall, there must be a pool on the top. Let’s build a house by the water, and the children can still play. “Good! Everything depends on Alang! Ah! Is that water pool deep enough?” “I can’t think of it!” “Well! If you can throw water, you can drown people!” “Hey!” Didn’t go back, is there such a horrible thing? what? Is it so awkward? what? I have said that the 50 girls must be paid for the purpose of appeasing the second-line gentry! But I will not leave it myself. When I form a military building, I will select the school officials who can rely on them, and send them out. Why don’t you believe it? Li Yu was angry and said: “On the edge of the waterfall, let’s build another courtyard. The two floors are two-story. The girls are placed there, and it’s hard to take care of them. How? “Oh?” When the dragon made a dream, Liu Mei picked it up: “Give it to me?” Li Yu looked serious: “Yes! It’s all young women, somewhere else, there are so many men in our people, Wan It’s not good to have any scandals. You choose some women who are clever and arrogant from the people brought by Longjiazhai, and cooperate with you to avoid the accident.” Long works and auspicious, quietly look around It’s a bit of a relaxed color on the road. Wouldn’t it be good to say so early? Really, harming our nose is not the nose, not the eye, when we want to be like this? Only deep, think about it carefully, quietly approachin

. He turned his head and said: “Ink, there is no one here.” “Fast! Go in and hide!” Mo Baiyan pushed a phoenix, Follow up. There was an arrow in his thigh. These damn “Men Zhuang” actually used the Tang army standard arrow, the arrow with a triangular barb, a piece of meat is a piece of meat, can only follow the hook blade on the leg When the muscles are cut, the arrow can be pulled out at a small cost, and on the way to escape, wherever he can take care of it, he has to run with an arrow. and 罗霸道 are hidden in two corners, covered in furniture, listened to these people talking, and then sneaked their sneaky movements, the two felt amazed: “What is the situation? There are small thieves mistakes Did you accidentally hit the ground?” Seeing ink white flame put a leg on the stool, just want to cut open the pants and pull the arrow. Hegan Chengji screamed: “Ink White Flame, Feng Erzhi! You…you are…” Mo Baiyan was called a name, and this shock was a small feat. He slammed his knife and waited to see him. The dry base came out of the corner and was also taken aback. He lost his voice: “Hey dry foundation?” Luo Badao came out from the other side and yelled at them: “Do you know?” : “Big brother, they are the followers of the three sisters, they have been with each other since childhood, and they are loyal, not outsiders.” Luo Badao said: “It turned out to be a three-something person!” Mo Baiyan said: “Three sisters? “You are saying…” Since the cadre of the squadron claimed that Yang Qianye was his cousin in front of Luo Badao, how could he be called by his cousin’s next population to call his real name, busy stepping forward and squinting at Mo Baiyan to wink his eyes: ” I am a cousin, although you are also a cousin of my cousin, but after all, it is the descendant of Yang’s family. You can scream my name, no big or small.” Mo Baiyan is an old river, a I heard that there must be a reason in the middle, and I hurriedly pleaded with a fist: “Ah! Young master. Forgive me. I rushed to meet each other, and I was

the two children are still here, blurted out is a sentence, “You went out alone.” Fortunately, I reacted and swallowed back. I finally couldn’t hold back. I hugged Sumi and it was a good cry. I feel that I feel better in my heart. “Hey, why do the mothers cry like this? Is the mother and the damn quarreled?” The blossoming and Cheng Zhi are a little far away, and Zhang Yuyu is crying and squatting all the way, blossoming and being framed by this posture. I was shocked, and I didn’t know how to hear what my mother and my own sister were saying. However, this voice is so big, and the goddess seems to be very angry. Is it something that the mother did to make her unhappy? “No, your mother and you are a joke. The children don’t understand, don’t think about it.” Zhang quickly hugged the little hand and said softly. There was a sigh of relief, nodded, no more. As for Cheng Zhixin or unbelief, I can’t see anything, because Zhang Yuyu hugged Sumi, his expression has been dignified, and there is no change at all, including after listening to Zhang’s words, there is no change. However, he does not want to worry about blossoming, so this will naturally not go forward to ask anything. “Okay, okay, Yu Yu, I know what you mean, I promise you that this kind of thing will never happen again, okay? Let’s go to the advanced house, I haven’t eaten for almost a day, but I haven’t eaten, but I have to starve to death.” Sumi wiped her tears at Zhang Yuyu and said with a smile. Sure enough, Zhang Yuyu heard this, and immediately stopped talking about this topic: “I know that my brother-in-law will definitely bring you back today. In the morning, I didn’t use the kitchen to cook, I made my own meal. It’s all you love to eat. If you don’t eat more, you’re sorry. I’m sorry for the whole food that you’ve worked hard. Do you know?” Sumi is now no matter what Zhang Yuyu said, he nodded and said good. When I waited for the blossoming and Cheng Zhi, I looked at the two little babies. Suomi suddenly felt that the grievances that had b

have influenced the innocence of Jiang Yue, then I Willing to be responsible for her. He said this as a stone, and he invested in the water that was not calm, and aroused even greater embarrassment. “You said that you are willing to take responsibility?” What means? How do you want to be responsible? Yan Junde asked with a frown. “I will marry Jiang Yue.” “Ozawa said that there is no hesitation. Everyone is in a state of utter disappointment, and no one has thought that things will develop to this point. After all, they are noisy, they have never thought about the matter of the Ozawa cloud. There is no reason for him, the two people, the identity is too mismatched. Chapter 150 I agree to get married. I am an ordinary farmer, and I am a teacher from the city who can leave the city when I don’t know. The identity of the two people does not say the difference between the clouds and the mud, the gap is not small. Cai Guofen heard the decision of Muze Yun and hated Jiang Yue. She originally wanted to completely stir up the marriage of Huang Jiangyue, so that she could not marry any good people. Unexpectedly, this time, “the yin and the wrong” made Jiang Yue lick the big cheapness of Muze Cloud. “Do you really think about it?” Yan Junde coughed and asked again and again, his tone was very serious. Ozawa Cloud solemnly nodded: “A word is out, it is difficult to chase. The things I decided, will never repent.” Wen Yan, Yan Junde’s eyes quietly flashed a touch of relief. In the end, he loves Jiangyue. Now Jiangyue can marry a gentle and reliable person like Muzeyun. He is also a matter of heart. However, no one thought of the change. The people who took the lead in the most joyful Jiangyue suddenly shouted: “I don’t want to!” Everyone was surprised, and no one thought that Jiang Yue would refuse. Jiang Yue turned slightly and faced Muze Yun, and said angrily: “Mr. Mu, I will not agree to marry you.” “Why?” Muzawa cloud suddenly sinks his face, and his eyes are not dyed. The sorrowful color, asked quietly. “I know that yo

that Su Youdao does not understand, but he understands that he is more eager to drink, quench his thirst and know that he is dead. The thirsty person will still go to drink, so he feels that he can fight for it again, but Yang Qianye obviously does not think that he is running out of water. “She must have a plot!” Never in order to go to Puzhou to apply porridge to do good! “Li Yu is sure to be authentic. “The little fairy thinks that she will really borrow refugees and do things when she appeals to the emperor. Chen Feiyang touched his chin and tried hard to think. He used to be the sergeant of Li Yu. He felt that he could fight for it now. Li fish shook his head and sneered: “How is it possible?” If she really wants to do this, she won’t tell me! She must have another means! “Li Yu and Chen Feiyang, the three heads of the dog are sitting in the room and whispering privately. For these two people, Li Yu can talk without anything. “The little fairy does not know what she wants.” What means, how do we prevent it? Li fish sighed: “See the move, the emperor’s defensive power is very strict, and I am careful to guard against it, she can’t do anything!” Chen Feisheng said: “Yang girl is so daring, and the little gods are always on both sides. It is not a way to go on.” Little fairy, I have a plan, or can completely dispel her revenge and resurrection, so that the hidden dangers will never be recovered. Li Yu was overjoyed and hurriedly asked: “What do you have to do, say it quickly!” Chen Feiyang said: “The little god can be about the secret of Yang, and she will not take it. Next, lock into the secret room! “Li Yu:”? Chen Feiyang sneered and sneered: “The little god can sneak into the secret room every day, and he is happy with it. When she is a child of the little god, the revenge of the country will be inevitable. At that time, there will be no more princesses in the world, only the little gods.” A lady in the house. Li Yu Shen Sheng: “Go out!” Chen Feiyang, who had never met Huai’s talent, walked out of the stud

u all give me honest, others don’t reason. That’s why he doesn’t know how to say people. Let’s talk! Don’t talk! Let’s listen to Li Cunchang!” Zhou Lei saw Li Fuqing’s clear scorpion put his hand on it. I know that this has been standing on the side and I rarely speak. The village chief is going to come out to preside over the order. “Zhou Lei is, your craft is really good, my house is yours, you are still a little doll at that time! No need to say! That craft! Niu!” Li Fu is very skillful to speak, first I praised Zhou Lei’s embarrassment and said that the happy place, the thumbs up has never been put down. Who doesn’t like to listen to good words? Looking at the face of Zhou Lei and Zhou Fa’s easing, I know that Li Fu’s words can’t be heard. “So you see, your two brothers are not easy. I know that we are all poor people, so we should understand each other better. Do you say it? Su Le, they just want to see if you still have anything. The place can use them, if it is really good, the big guys are not good at making money together!” Li Fu sighed and looked at the eyes of the pair of eyes behind him and finally did not have the heart to fight for it. It’s not easy, I’m thinking about making more money, and I’ll be able to send my baby to school. “Sorry, Mr. Li, we are all calculated work, it is really impossible to move out of other loops.” Although Li Fu is very happy to Zhou Lei, but the issue of interest Li Fu Still awake, not at all ambiguous. “唉成, since you have said this, then we can’t be difficult or not? Then you are busy, don’t delay your business!” Although Li Fu is also very dissatisfied with Zhou Lei and others, the attitude of oil and salt does not enter, But Sumi has already cleaned himself up, and Zhou Lei Zhoufa is biting dead and refuses to let people be smeared. That is no way. Li Fu thought of looking at Sumi thoughtfully here. I don’t know why. He always felt that Sumi didn’t look so weak. Although this cry was very helpless, Li Fu’s heart always said a little. The feeling of not comin

Li Yao Ai is eager, naturally will not let people ruin life in that small place, probably saw it, you have to help.” Sun Yong? Jiang Yue said, “I think Sun Yong is better than Ding Chong, more careful, and more aware of the flexibility, anyway, for justice. Zhou Ai Mo did not know why Li Yao did not take away Sun Yong. He just shook his head. “I don’t know this. Anyway, after this time, Sun Yong’s position must be raised. I don’t know if I want to move to another place, or directly.” To be the leader of the small police station, the future is bright. “Since this is the case, it is also very good.” Jiang Yue said that he has expressed sincere wishes for the future of these two people. “In short, I hope they will have a bright future!” “Ozawa cloud smiled and took Jiang Yue’s hand. He stunned and didn’t talk, waited for the time to pass, and went home to rest. “Moon, if you are tired, just rest on me for a while, I will wait until the maritime market, There is a long time. The train just stopped, and Ozawa looked at where it was, and found that there was still a half-day time. Jiang Yue nodded: “I will sleep for half an hour. When the time is up, you will wake me up.” She is really sleepy, but she does not have the heart to lean on the body of Muze Yun for so long. Chapter 294 The poor time is long, and the zea cloud will be uncomfortable. In this way, she will feel uncomfortable in her heart. Muze Yun looked at the person who was sleeping on his own body, and his mouth couldn’t help but smile. Zhou Ai Mo saw it and quickly turned his head. He felt that he was forced to stuff a dog food. Dog food… This word feels weird, but it seems to be inexplicable. No matter what, anyway, it is very envious. It’s not the envy that will be left untouched. I think, when will he be able to get more people like this, and if he is tired, he will not be able to help people who laugh. When Jiang Yue woke up with his eyes, he found that the sky was slightly dizzy. She knew that it was not half an hour. Hurry up from the body of Mu

oyal Highness refused to disclose their identity, apparently for the great cause of the empire, and we should consider it. We should also understand the pains of our Highness, and let us turn a blind eye. If Li Yu is willing to follow His Highness, he will admit his Hummer identity. Otherwise…” Feng Erzhi went forward and looked cold, and looked cold and cold: “Let’s not let the Highness be distressed, and quietly put him up!” When I thought about it, I nodded and said: “This is a wonderful thing, just do it!” Chapter 183 The expedient measure “What ghost? Female slave?” Yang Qianye glared at Li Yu and his eyes slid round. Li Yuxiao laughed: “The expediency, expediency!” Yang Qianye bit his teeth, thinking of Yue Wang Gou’s retreat, Han Xin’s general humiliation, encouraging himself with the spirit of the sages, picking up clothes with hatred . But after a while, she shouted in dismay. “On these rags, also called clothes? It’s thinner than the clothes!” Li Yu continued to laugh: “The expedient, the expediency!” “The snow is not clean, do you want to freeze me?” “How come, you are not a rough female slave, of course, you must be with me, the reason why it is so thin, but also for this reason, can not freeze.” Yang Qianye stunned Li Yu: “What kind of female slave I am “The fish touched the nose,” said: “The expedient, the expediency!” Yang Qianye shook his hands in a few angry cloths: “How do you make me expedient, you see this, what? Waist?” “This…the female slaves in this place are dressed up.” “You want to show your waist!” Li Yu said with a good word, picking up a group of pieces in his hand is also a piece of cloth that is so big: “You see, isn’t there a veil?” Yang Qianye was stunned: “Is it a fig leaf?” In the end, in order to regain the great cause of the country, Chiba girl was finally replaced by the spirit of the sages such as Goujian and Han Xin. The upgraded version of the maid – female slave. Of course, Li Yu was on the scene of the blessed scene, and was first rushed out. Because Li Yu became the

lse. This was relieved and lowered his voice. “I said, this curtain, I am so hiring. “No problem?” Quan Baozheng: “Hmm…” : “It’s hired, it’s not the same as the wife, the procedure should be different?” Quan Baozheng: “Hey…” : “I used to listen People talked about the shogunate, and when they went to some old buddies, they also saw those who played the pen, hate Laozi. I didn’t take them seriously at the time, just looking for wine and drinking, I don’t know how the main man should deal with them. Yes, I hired the kid to be a sergeant. How many military sergeants should I give him in a month? 权保正: “呃……” : “Ah! Quan Baozhen was shocked: “What happened?” : “The gentleman I hired, is it screaming?” looked at Quan Baozhen with a blank look, and Quan Baozheng tried hard to think back. He didn’t remember when he saw him, and he couldn’t help but swear: “It’s waste! Then, I tried hard to help the right to “think”. When I walked away, Chang Shuxin and the shopkeeper immediately went to the front of the house, although the aides were not officials of the court, but they were actually members of the bureaucratic group. The greater the authority of the chief officer you are with, the higher the status, the higher your authority and status. The master of a prime minister is not compiled in the court. The county magistrate and the government order are compiled. Who do you see? The aides, in fact, can partially call the rights of the person he is supporting. Li Yu became the aide of the generals, and of course it was a big happy event, so everyone went forward and hid. Li fish smirked, The false feelings are perfunctory, just want to quickly send these people to leave, there are still five people hiding in his room. In the room, Yang Qianye is hiding on the bed of Li Yu, hiding his quilt on his body, and his eyes are dark. Originally, a sword was used to provoke a gap. At this time, the sword was put down. In the darkness, there was only one thought in the heart of Yang Qianye, such as Hong Zhong Da Lu, shocke

he Li family. They had not been admitted to the door. They were caught by the eye-catching Li Qiuqin and Li Auntie. This time she didn’t have a sneer at the moment, saying that Sumi’s not obeying the woman’s path is broken shoes. The appearance of the temperament of Sumi’s arm, who did not know how much she was close to Sumi’s week. Sumi looked at the hypocritical Li Qiuqin, deliberately trying to ridicule a few words, after all, I swallowed it. I don’t want to let things go. I really think that it’s too much to be priced with such people. “Sumi, let’s go in, your mother-in-law cried for a while, and we can’t see the poor. Go on! “The people around listened to Li Qiuqin saying that Sumi did not say anything, and thought that Sumi felt that he was losing money. Immediately, he quickly occupied the moral high point. Why do you understand why? Can look at the appearance of the “speaking and long-minded” teaching Su Mi. “To say that Mrs. Ling is usually an old lady who is more than a skin, who is she strong in Shili Ba Village? Is this really something that can’t be thought of? Don’t talk about children, my outsiders look pitiful. “It’s Wang Xi. It’s been a slap in the face of Sumi, but Sumi is rarely seen in the village, so she’s awkward and awkward to say. ☆, the second hundred and thirty Chapter 9: My sister is a good temper! This is a playful and Sumi 飙 “acting”. That way, if you can grow a little more beautiful, then it is really green tea. “I didn’t see that Wang Ximei and Ling Auntie had such a good relationship before. Look at Wang Ximei, you don’t know, I thought it was Wang Ximei’s mother, I remember last year, Wang Ximei, you still have a fight with Wang Guihua because of the ridge, how can you help the Li family today? “Zhang Yuyu sees this Wang Xi’s delicate and artificial look is really disgusting, and can’t help but open his mouth. The sentence seems to be polite and satirical with Zhang Yuyu’s deliberately exaggerated tone and the expression of disgusting suspicion makes Wang Xi break.