them. I was attached to Sumi on the side. “I am a foreigner, I don’t know, it’s the S The name, I have come to listen to others afterwards. If this is the case, I will calculate it, and the others in the Sui cabinet will give it to the dish. These dishes will be mixed, and the pepper will come less, ten pounds will do, and the persimmon will come to fifty pounds. ! “The housekeeper is also a quick talker. I heard that Sumi himself and others said so. I immediately said. “Well, first two, January, hurry, the lord’s request is understood?” Help loading the car! “Sumi smiled and opened. Five hundred pounds is not too much, but it is not too small. The most important thing is that this person is very happy, not dragging the water, which makes Sumi satisfied. After all, this is the first single, necessary The good color of the head is still to be discussed. Sumi looked at his family’s busy people and began to pick vegetables and vegetables, and also laughed when he became so superstitious. ☆, Chapter 515 :Sumid took the initiative to send us food! “Sui treasurer, you count the project, I will give you the money. “The butler saw that Sumi only ordered the dish to be filled. The account seemed to be forgotten. I quickly reminded me. “Oh, right, Master, you have a total of five hundred pounds of food, ten.” Chili pepper, fifty pounds of persimmon, four hundred and forty pounds of green vegetables, right? “Sumi said the number with him, and in the heart, she was still mentally minded, and she didn’t need to take the abacus. “Yes! The butler nodded, and the heart was following the account. But without waiting for him to understand, Sumi had already opened it again: “The pepper is one or two silver, the persimmon is three silver, the green dish is silver, count it down, a total of One hundred and thirty-two silver, I will send you more than one pound of pepper and five pounds of green vegetables. It’s all about me, I’m going to make a friendship with my grandfather! “Sumi said this is white, I think you are not bad, I

when he mentions it, he will become gentle. Zhou Ai Mo only understands and knows the tacit understanding between them. And what about himself? When can he find such a person? In Zhou Minmo’s mind, a smiling face emerged. Ye Yangyang. When this person came out, Zhou Ai Mo’s thoughts were completely chaotic, and a series of pictures related to Ye Yang’s central government appeared. Shake his head and let these people out of their own thoughts. When I got up, I went to do what Ozawa said just now. Things are not going very well and it is still smooth. The hired person just sent some flyers on the road, and many people came to ask with their children. Most of the people who come to ask for the test are allowed to take the test. “Can you let your children go to school today?” “Yes!” “Do you want money?” “Yes, during the trial period, we don’t charge any fees. All you have to do is leave your contact information. Remember to come. It’s ok to pick up the kids.” Parents made it simple The inquiry, the teacher who did the reception answered. The child was also very curious about the toys inside, and he took the parents’ hand and said that he really wanted to go in. “Mom, I want to go in and play!” “The fruit is oh, my mother and the teacher said, you can go in, just wait for a while, okay?” Faced with the child’s coquetry, the mother gently touched the child. s head. Then look up and ask the teacher: “Can we go in now?” “Yes.” The teacher checked the contact information of the parent registration, leaving another teacher and took the parents in. Women are actually somewhat uneasy. After all, there is no free lunch in the world, for fear of what a scam. Look at the facilities inside. All are new, and we can see that the quality is not low. Liars don’t talk about such a big price. If you don’t have any income, you can rest assured. The child is out of school, waiting for a woman at the door to pick him up, very happy. Seeing the woman, she rushed to the past and threw herself into the woman’s arms and began to tell he

too much decoration tassels, simple and simple atmosphere, very suitable for people of Zhang’s age. Zhang Yuyu that One is much younger, and the scorpion is a circle of sea otters, and the stars are very beautiful. Two scorpions, two gold cloves have spent a total of sixty two silver, which is already very The price of the kind road. Suomi knows that the price given by this Hu Yu must be the lowest, it is impossible not to make money, but the profit is definitely the lowest profit. “Thank you Hu Hu.” “The owner of Sumi’s natural way, such a large jewelry store owner will not wrap these dozens of silver here. To be honest, this is really a big business for Hu Yu, if it is not Sumi and Longqing, Hu Yu. I will not come to say hello at all. “This is nothing. If the Sascher is satisfied, the next time I go to the food, I will ask the shopkeeper to personally entertain one or two. I am grateful.” Hu Yu arched his hand and said a little shyly. He is also very good at all kinds of food. He has never tasted the taste of Sumi before. He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the Wantong Restaurant. He had tasted it. After the real deliciousness, it was really disappointing for the Vantone Restaurant. It’s just that this Sui shop is really busy. There is almost no taste in this time, although the craftsmanship of the breeze is also OK, but if there is a master Who can want to go to “can still” to do it. “This nature, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I will stay in the taste for a while, when Hu boss is coming to join, Sumi must definitely cook himself. Entertaining. “I saw Sumi now, and it’s almost always the same thing. I just want Sumi to cook a few dishes in person. Sumi is now a response. I don’t know when, Zhujiazhen. The people in the food will talk about the food when they mention the food, and they will think of Sumi when they mention the craft. “Susu, do you like anything?” Long Qing sees Sumi just to Zhang Yuyu and Zhang chose, but he did not buy, he asked. “I don’t have anything… Hey, yes, Hu’s treas

ll not say how Li Yu knows how these people behave. Nowadays, the crowds are standing in front of the building. It is impossible to act according to the original plan. Once they leave, they must also guard against the sharp arrows that the roaring people can launch at any time. Li Yu is also thinking about how to face. For this tricky situation. At this time, two people came out of the building under the “East Fence”. The man in front was tall and thin, and the man behind was thin and tall. The same long, tall and thin figure, the robes were worn on them, just like picking Two bamboo poles are swaying. “Car, we…” Yang Siqi stepped out of the “East Fence” and said, standing on the steps and looking around, suddenly saw Hualin, and could not help but reveal a happy look: “Ah! Xiaolinzi, you are coming to me. Yang Siqi didn’t have any shelves, and he smiled and greeted him. Li fish looked at him and walked away from him without squinting. He didn’t even look at it. He couldn’t help but be surprised: Mr. Yang deliberately pretended not to know me. Do you have any deep meaning? Hualin saw Yang Siqi also had some accidents. He was busy stepping forward. Shi Lidao said: “Mr. Yang!” Yang Siqi smiled and said: “I am going to… with whom, go and survey a piece of land, you will go with me.” Hualin hesitated: “Ah, this… I…” Yang Siqi noticed that Hualin took the knife in his hand, and it was a strange one: “Hey? What do you do with a knife?” Hualin greeted Li Yu, hope he To save for myself: “I… Hey, Big Brother Li…you see Mr. Yang–…” Li fish stepped forward, and after the knife was pulled, he held a fist to Yang Siqi: “Mr. Yang!” Yang Siqi nodded friendly to him: “Hello, I see you are a bit good-natured, let’s see… Have you seen it?” Li Yu: … Hualin couldn’t help but say: “Mr. Yang, he is the son of Pan Yan, your son, you have seen “Ah! Is it? It’s really!” Yang Siqi patted the brain and apologized to Li Yudao: “I am a person who is often absent-minded. We don’t have time to take photos, so I didn’t rem

hang Yuyu’s side just wants to go out, he heard the door rang and then I saw Sumi’s dust coming in. When I saw the smile on Sumi’s face, Zhang Yuyu and Zhang’s thoughts were put down, and Cheng Zhi and Duo Duo had already gone to Sumi to take the towel. “Sister, How come you come back at this point? I am thinking about going out Go find you! I thought you lost it! Zhang Yuyu saw that Sumi seemed to be in a good mood and knew that what he was worried about should have not happened. The heart was laid down, and naturally there was a mood to make a joke. “Lost? If you lose it, can’t you cry? I helped clean up the shed, so I came back late. you guys? Have you not eaten yet? “Sumi just wants to ask them what they are going to eat at night. She will starve to death, but when she turns her head, she sees the tableware and food on the table. There is no trace of movement. I know that they are always Did not eat, waiting for her to come back! “Mother, after the time you go to eat, you don’t have to wait for me.” When I am busy, I forget the time. Are you waiting for me to be hungry? “Sumi is the kind of character that doesn’t remember to eat or remember tired when he is busy. This will see Zhang Yuyu and Zhang and others because she has not eaten. If she put it down, she will not be able to go.” “More, this is still there.” Shi Lei, let’s eat it for a while, but it doesn’t matter if you eat it for a while, but Shi Lei is busy for a day. You must be hungry. Mother, the next time you eat it directly, you don’t have to wait for me. Sumi glanced at Shi Lei, who only greeted her when she came in. Some embarrassed said. This is that Shi Lei is not the kind of chicken with a small belly, and Sumi has not given Shi Lei a pitiful day. Impression, otherwise the employee was not able to eat at the host’s house so late, saying that the stone was not paying attention to it. “Do you know that this is not true?” My mother and I are all children? Said that you have to wait for your meal, Shi Lei proposed it, and said that he is not

ights fiercely.” I have seen it several times! Cheng Zhi remembered that the ink that was pulled out by his mother was a little scared. “That is because he is not obedient, so his mother will beat him. If you are not obedient, the mother will also beat you.” “Sumi put the medicine in a small box and patted the hand and took out the hundreds of surnames. “Since you can’t sleep, let’s continue to read the book?” “Okay!” ” Cheng Zhi listened to this and immediately sat up, surrounded himself with a quilt, and looked at Sumi with great interest. “Where did you learn when you were in the car?” Zhou Wu Zheng Wang is it? Below is Feng Chen Zhu Wei Jiang Shen Han Yang. . . “Feng Chen Yuwei, Jiang Shen Han Yang.” . The house was very simple, but the feeling of warmth and happiness spread with the child’s tender voice in the hearts of the mother and the child. The next morning, Sumi went to Zhang. “Sumi, how many times does this medicine have to be eaten a day?” Zhang Yuyu asked Sumi to look at the nervous look. Since Sumi said that she can cure her mother’s illness, she has been in a state of high concentration of spirits. Now I have finally seen the medicine that is going to be good and it is exciting and embarrassing. Although she knew that Sumi would not harm her mother, she still had some doubts about Sumi’s medical skills. “Only twice a day, if Zhang’s body is not so weak, I dare to use a little medicine to get better. Now I can only make up a little bit.” Sumi looked at the black medicine in the jar. The juice had begun to scream and bubbling, and quickly ordered Zhang Yuyu to take a bowl and pour it out. “You take it in and give it to the scorpion. This medicine is not bitter.” Sumi handed her a bowl full of soup to her. She didn’t enter the house herself, sitting outside and eating the cool breeze. The can is really hot. After a while, Zhang Yuyu took the medicine bowl and came out. Sumi looked at her and frowned. She said, “Yuyu, you have to rest your throat for a few days. Sleep more for your body. There are ben

ry is that she seems to have never seen it, but she whispered and reported: “Happiness, the Chiba girl has arrived.” He took another note on his buttocks and smiled and said: “Come back and pack you up.” Then he walked barefoot and walked away in a big way. Chapter 271 The group of Yingying Huizhen is taking the high-end route. The whole building is elegant and exquisite, and the corners are all unique. Pushing open the door of a window, it is an elegant courtyard. White wall, crepe, a small pine pavilion in the corner, lychee twists and turns, the diagonal is a square small, four wooden piers. Look up at the head, fly the horns, the sky is clear, occasionally white clouds, gently flowing, making it seem like a world, and another place. It’s summer, it’s sing, but the design doesn’t affect the lighting, it’s still bright, it’s not too direct, it’s too glaring. There is a corner door at each diagonally opposite corner, which makes the wind flow slowly, neither rushing nor cool, it is really a hole in the sky. Yang Qianye wears a top hat and a robes with narrow sleeves and lapels. The small lapels look like long and graceful, swan-like, and revealing the playful taste of the stock. Because sitting, the robe is a little different, revealing a white thick trousers underneath, can not see too much, just the high waist boots of the foot, the beautiful curve of the slender legs. Mo Baiyan and Feng Erzhi’s hand stood behind Yang Qianye and looked at his costume, which was like an old housekeeper and a long leg. “Ah, Yang girl, slow down, staying slow.” Nie Huan walked in through the door, smiled and laughed, sitting very quietly on the opposite pine block, did not wait for Yang Qianye to get up and meet. Yang Qianye glanced at Nie Huan’s unsatisfactory middle-fashioned shirt, and the high-toothed wooden stalks on the erected Erlang’s legs. He said: “The famous vibes in the name of the earthquake are really informal. Nie Huan laughed and said: “The name of the girl who smells the sorrow, I feel fresh and refin

ieved. It is inevitable that there is some feeling of being empty. Mo Baiyan rushed to find someone. He heard that he had to pretend to be his uncle, cousin, and heard that he had to pretend to be His Royal Highness. Those people were inexplicably very frightened and afraid to agree. You must know that His Royal Highness is in their hearts, but the existence of God can make life and death in one word. Mo Baiyan had no choice but to spend a little more time explaining the sake. In view of the intricate relationship between Li Yu and His Royal Highness, although Mo Baiyan did not want His Royal Highness and Li Yu to meet, he did not want to break the Chrysanthemum Palace and the Meicheng City. Relationship, so I have to introduce it in detail. Li Yu went to the hall of the main hall and saw that the whole house was made of water white jade. It was not shocked by the big feeling. How much money did it cost? Who can have such a big hand? Looking at the whole of the right, there is only Li Jia… Only the Lixi Li valve, is there such a strength? Li Yu did not believe that such a strength emerged out of thin air. I don’t know the roots. I don’t know where to come, so I have such a huge force. Originally, Li Yu thought that it was a family with a large right. In order to avoid war, he chose to build a city here. Once he went up the mountain, he saw only some simple houses built by trees. At this time, he was suspicious. Beside the couch, let others sleep, this neighbor, he must be vigilant. Judging from the strong financial resources displayed by the other party, only the Lixi Li valve can do it. Why does Li Wang not hesitate to build a city here? What does Li Jia want to do? In this way, Li Yu couldn’t help but think of the Lijia’s tiger and leopard ride. Such a big family is as strict as a court, and because the young master is a friend with him, he will send such a powerful force. The more I want to go, the more I think about the possibilities, and I think that it is not so logical. After repeated scrutiny, the thi

ediately got up and looking for clothes to wear. When the upper body just got up, I immediately bounced back to the sofa and turned to look at it. It was not good for Xia Yiyi. His limbs were shackled on the side of the sofa, and he was given a ‘big’ character. He looked at the scene of the tragedy and was ashamed to the limit. What is even more desperate is that the sound of the shower in the corner of the toilet sounds like someone is taking a shower inside. Outside the investigation, there was a brutal one to open the door and listen to the sound, and soon went to this dressing room. [In order to prevent identity exposure, players must play their original role, not OOC, can not let npc detect their differences. [A player in the summer, your game identity is the small fresh meat of the owner. At this time the shower is your gold master, you need to please him and play his role. Summer is not a person who is lying down, he immediately took out the scalpel from the space, and tried to rub his hand with his knife in his mouth. The shackles are very dead and cannot be opened at all. The voice of was getting closer and closer, and there was a flustered female voice. “There was someone dead, everyone came out, now go to the hall, don’t be alone, not safe.” The water stopped. . Xia Yi recovered the scalpel, and his face quickly changed into a pair of artificially made smiles. The tears in the corners of his eyes sparkled, how come the fascinating goods. The footsteps of sounded, and the sound of the water on the floor of the slippers was extremely clear. The figure was covered and the sofa was about to turn. When you are on time, Xia Yi looks back at the people, like a shy person: “Boss, people today Uncomfortable, can you have less pain…” The words have not been finished yet, to see the appearance of the ‘Golden Lord’, Xia Yi slammed his mouth. For a few seconds, Xiayi took a deep breath, then For a moment, the heart that wants to die has it. “Zhang Dashen, how could it be so clever? Hahahaha…” Chapter 54 Ent

choose to be resettled, as if to say that he is going to follow Yuan Tianyi. There is a prince who follows, and what freedom is free? Yuan Tianxuan thought of this, could not help but secretly stunned Li Xiaofeng, Li Xiaofeng smiled and said to An Gong: “My brother is used to sex, do not know how to take care of himself, can go with Jing Wangye, clothing, food and shelter are very care, really, really It is excellent, ha! Haha…” Chapter 017 A fellow traveler Wang Jing Wang Li Yuan is the twelfth son of Taishang Huang Li Yuan. Li Yuan old man is a high-yielding emperor. So far, his son has already given birth to twenty-two. The youngest prince was only three years old, and he was born in the third year of his emperor. Li Yuan’s old man, Lao Fu’s old man, is eager to be a multi-child, and he is still working tirelessly to create a younger brother and sister for Li Shimin. However, the quality of the old Li family is quite high, and they are all versatile. After all, they have received royal education since childhood and have the best teaching resources. It has not been long before Datang was founded, and the luxury is not heavy. The princes are afraid to learn. Not hard work. Speaking of character, Li Yuan old man is also enough to masturbate, his son has a lot of good academics and scholars. So far, the few who are still breastfeeding, the trees and the family are still small, can’t see anything. Among the princes who have grown up, most of them are honest and introspective, and they are called wise kings. Only one of them is not very good, that is, Jing Wang Li Yuan, who was sent by Li Shimin to accompany Yuan Tianyu. Li Yuan has two hobbies, arranging, beautiful! Of course, Wang Yuan’s exit is very important, but Li Yuan’s arranging is bigger than the average prince. Wang’s ceremonies, costumes, and rituals have rules, but in these respects, Jing Wang is not far from the emperor. Oh, strictly speaking, it’s getting worse. However, Li Yuan’s old man is reluctant to meditation. He has nothing to do ever